The mission of the Department of Geography is to develop as a center of excellence in spatial studies through teaching, scholarship and research in an environment which values creativity, freedom of intellectual thought and expression, equal opportunity and academic growth while being committed to provide knowledge which blends the best of relevant theory and practice using appropriate technology for the benefit of student community and the wider society.

 Geography occupies a distinct place in the world of learning, offering an integrated study of the complex reciprocal study relationships between human societies and the physical world. The Geographer’s canvas is collared by place, space and time: differences and dynamics in cultures, political systems, economics, landscapes and environment across the world and the links between them. The discipline has traditionally focused on Human and Physical Geography. In recent years, however, a third category has been recognized: Environmental Geography. This deals with the multifaceted nexus between human society and the environment. Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing are the two additional areas where Geographers are playing a most prominent role.