Welcome to the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice


The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is the newest department added to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and to-date, the one and only department of this nature, in Sri Lanka. Nearly three decades ago, with the initiative and guidance of our late senior professor Nandasena Ratnapala, the Criminology Degree Programme was commenced under the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

At present, the department has 09 academic members including a professor and 03 with doctoral qualifications. The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers special and general degree programmes in Criminology for undergraduates. Under the guidance of its qualified staff, the department intends to educate and train its undergraduates in specialized criminological and criminal justice study areas and to provide them with required training. The undergraduates who come under this department can organize various activities by being members of the "Society of Criminology and Criminal Justice" and enhance their soft skills.